[TARP] Square Cross Bag (Black)
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Tpye: Cross bag

Farbric: Tarpaulin  50% 

              Nylon 50%

Size: 370 × 370 × 100 mm

Color: Black, Grey, White

Webbing: Nylon

zipper: Ykk

Plastic: Woojin

Detailed explanation.

- It is a bag made of taporin fabric, waterproof, and dense fabric, so it is sturdy and can be used for a long time.

- Nylon fabric was used for the lining inside the bag, and there were two storage spaces to increase usability.

- It's a daily bag that you can carry lightly with your daily belongings.

- The air cushion is built in the bag to be detachable and can be used like a cushion.

- It is a bag made of twilled nylon webbing and plastic subsidiary materials, so you can create a variety of looks with a modern and casual feel.

- Taporin fabric properties can cause some scratches and small stains during the manufacturing process.


- Water washing is possible, and partial washing is recommended.

- The washing machine is not available.

- There is a risk of contamination, so wash it separately.

- It is not completely waterproof, but a daily waterproof product, so please be careful when using it on humid days such as snow and rain.


- It takes about 3 to 5 days to deliver.


- There may be differences in color depending on the monitor condition.

- You have to pay for the delivery fee for exchanges and refunds due to simple changes of mind.

- Exchange or refund is not possible if contaminated, worn, or damaged.

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