2023 TOKYO Mercantile Exhibition

After a long period without event and with the return of sunny days 🌞 

Spextrum team is happy to invite you to our next event the first edition of the exhibition design: the Tokyo Mercantile Exhibition.

What is the Tokyo Mercantile Exhibition ?  📣 

  • The Tokyo Mercantile exhibition towards a world without boundaries. To show the result of collaborative work, because the services, designed products, sales methods are constantly changing. And we must look further to find new solutions in order to evolve in a world without borders.

Why  ? 💡 

  • The aim of the event is to connect people, exhibitors and visitors to provide a new place where new initiatives, create without limits. Reflecting on the future in order to bring lasting relationships is an important issue for Spextrum.

Who ? 🚶 

  • The exhibition is reserved to the professionals, so if you are working in design, as interior design, interior architect. Or professional who has a project concerning the gimmicks with a conception of design in mind.

When ? 📆 

  • Through this event, exhibitors and visitors are invited to Tokyo from June 7th to 9th. During these 3 days come to meet us from 10 AM to 7 PM. (Last day 4:00 PM)

Where ? 🌍 

  • At Tokyo Metroporitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho-kan 5th Floor. 

During this exhibition you will have the chance to discover the new items of  Spextrum ! 

We give you an overview of our work. 

Indeed Spextrum company cares about lifestyle and our philosophy is to create, designed products to make the life of our customers simply!

Let us introduce you the upcoming items:

Already known as our best seller: The tissue case 

You have an interest for magic trick 🃏  or rabbit 🐇 ? Our new tissue box has arrived, let yourself be captivated by this original object: The tissue up tale rabbit version. This new item will decorate your environment by transforming your everyday objects.

Product name : Tissue up tale - rabbit ver.

Expected release date : July

After the Earth .... the Sea 🌊  

There are things that you can only see when you stop. The quietness of the goldfish flowing leisurely is captured in the tray. The moment you take a little breath while looking at the tray, you find a little calmness. Why don't you pause in your busy daily life and enjoy a precious time to rest inside through the tray pond?.

Product name: Tray Pond

Product options: Small, Medium, Large  

Expected release date: September

I can buy myself flowers 🌹 

"Paradise"  is a tray that reinterprets the beautiful scenery of Eden Garden between lights and shadows using varied colors and drawings that come from the perspective of Spextrum. You can not only use it for your fruits and drinks, but with its minimalist design, it also gives you an appeal for interior decoration. Let yourself be transported by experiencing the beauty of the Garden of Eden in daily life.

Product name: Tray Paradise

Product options: Adam Eve - Small/Medium, Garden of Eden - Large

Expected release date: September  

Spextrum accompanies you every day by adding a touch of beauty with contemporary design.🌟 

Spextrum invite you to discover or rediscover our items and services of development for all the professionals. Our team with different backgrounds composed of engineers, designers, artists give us a broader vision to support you in all your projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to register directly on the Tokyo Mercantile Exhibition.
You cannot come to the event? Don’t panic, you can always find all the news of Spextrum and all of our designed products on our website. You can check it with the links below: 😊 

Spextrum Website: https://spextrum.net/

Tokyo Mercantile Exhibition: https://www.tokyo-mercantile.com/

Words by - Antoine GUISLAIN / SPEXTRUM Oversea Business